About Us


Create and promote satisfying and enjoyable travel experiences in harmony with the environment that bring joy and admiration to the tourist.


We aspire to consolidate ourselves as a leading customer service company and that turns our tourist destinations into unique experiences recognized worldwide.

Corporate Values

Ethics and Transparency

To offer a quality service at the community, good behavior, control of abuses of power, elimination of bad practices and respect for Costa Rican legislation.

Respect for the Environment

Preserve and care for existing Natural Resources, as well as incentivize and implement joint recycling programs with the inclusion and assistance of community.

Customer Service

Generate satisfaction, be friendly, attentive and friendly with each of our customers, make you feel part of our family being always respectful, always be attentive to requests of the same.


Collaborating with the people who need it most should be the feeling that keeps people together at all times.

Closeup of a business hand shake between two colleagues